Listings are hard to come by these days. We're here to help. 


Give us 2 weeks with our Listing Pipeline Boot Camp and we'll help you generate more listing opportunities with these easy to execute, seller-focused scripts.

This FREE email series is designed so you can experience a taste of the quality coaching our clients receive while you start more conversations, grow your brand, and attract more listings. 



How does the Listing Pipeline Boot Camp work? 

  • Over the next 2 weeks, you’ll get 3 challenges delivered to your inbox.
  • Each challenge will have video instructions and scripts that you’ll be able to execute immediately.
  • We’re here to help keep you accountable, so we’ll also include a link where you can submit your results.

An easier way to start more conversations.

We've coached hundreds of agents through this material. If you've ever struggled with how to engage potential sellers without sounding pushy, our Listing Pipeline Bootcamp is for you.

Proven Techniques

Collectively, we've helped our clients set 600+ appointments using these strategies.

Pre-written Scripts

We'll give you exactly what to say. Send a message to prospects in less than 2 minutes.


As you start to see results, we want to hear your wins! We'll send you a link to track your progress.

A taste of the Curaytor community.

These challenges are just one of the benefits of being part of our community. Our "CBuds" get access to recurring Seller Blitz events. In addition to challenges, the Seller Blitz includes:

  • Accountability through a private Slack channel
  • Coaching sessions and Round Table discussions
  • Prizes

The Curaytor Difference:

Our community

The best way to grow your real estate business? Surround yourself with the best agents in the industry. Gain new insights, learn new strategies, build new relationships with top agents across North America - this is what makes Curaytor, Curaytor.

"Just wrapped up my first appointment from using today's script — ended in a new listing for this upcoming month! :fire::fire::fire:"

Jacob Duvall
Jacob Duvall
Duvall + Company | Northeast Louisianaa

What do you have to lose?

Our mission at Curaytor is to empower agents to dream bigger and accomplish more. If you put in the work with these three challenges, you'll see results.