Complete Guide to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

30-40% of the consumers searching on Google click on one of the top 3 local search results.

This means if you aren't in the top three, you are missing out on active sellers who are searching for agents in your area.

This FREE checklist takes you through all the optimizations you need for your Google Business Profile to rank in the top three. 

If you do this well and consistently, you'll build a strong foundation and establish yourself in the area as the local choice. 

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Standout against your local competition.

Our checklist will guide you through the process to take your Google Business Profile listing from unseen to seen, growing your market share in search and increasing your brand awareness. 

Hear What Our Clients Say

“Our agency isn’t the type that cold calls or takes a sales approach. Instead, we’re big on what we call ‘brand management' and ‘brand generation’, and that’s the biggest value ad from Curaytor Marketer—it lets us attract the people that want to work with us, instead of spending time chasing them down.
Chad Nash, The Real Estate Doctor
“As an agent before joining Curaytor, I was very mediocre. Just like a lot of agents in my market. I was not doing anything outside the box or being creative. It's not because I'm not creative, it's because I didn't know where to look and where to have access to this ecosystem of people that are doing amazing things."
Traci Cornwell, Cornwell Real Estate
“It’s not pixy dust; there is no magic pill, this is not something where you just pay your fee each month and automatically become busy. That’s not what this is. It’s a tool, but like any tool, if you don’t pick up the hammer, it won’t hit the nail in. But if you do pick this up, this is the best damn hammer there is.
Jordan Rossman, Rossman Team
“I don’t cringe when I pay the bill every month. I can definitely see the worth in it. You just have to work it. I would never let it go.”
Kim Anselmo, The Kimberly John Group
How does Curaytor marketing work?

Curaytor is a full-service digital marketing company that helps real estate agents grow. We provide a full-stack solution with our all-inclusive platform that includes: mobile-optimized and easy-to-use websites, Facebook ads, real-time email marketing statistics, lead conversion software that tracks website and email activity so you know whom to follow up with, and online coaching from industry experts like Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin.

Can any agent sign up for Curaytor?

No. Curaytor is exclusive by market so talk to our sales team to find out if we have availability in your area.








I'm interested, what's next?

Schedule a time to talk to our sales team. Your first call is a discovery call where we make sure that our marketing services are the right fit for your business and make sure we have availability in your market. Then we'll schedule a follow-up call to give you a full demo and iron out the details of your plan.